How to order

How to order

Please add the products you want to the shopping cart and then click on 'checkout'. You will then be asked to enter your personal details which you should check carefully before clicking 'order'. Please note, your order is not processed until you click on 'order'. When your order has been successfully completed you will see a "completed" page and receive a confirmation by email after your purchase.

How to order using paypal

Information/Details about paypal are given here.

I have ordered twice by mistake

Please email us and include the number of the order you wish to cancel (if possible). In the case of advance payment please note that nonpayment or failure to pay alone does not imply cancellation of your order.

I have placed an order but I aborted before payment

If you have not completed your payment with paypal, your order will not be processed. Please email us if you want to pay by cash in advance or if you need to cancel your order.

I have placed an order but I have not received an email confirming it

Did you see the page with the heading "competed" after you place your order?

If  the page 'completed' did not appear, your order has not been sent to us. Please repeat the order and follow the steps until you see the heading "completed".

If you did see the page 'completed' but have not received email confirmation of your order, please contact us and provide your telephone number; there may be a problem with your spam filter blocking our shop emails.


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